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Terms of use is a website that makes it easy to save on virtual purchases, since it does all the work of searching and registering the best coupons and the best offers from its advertisers (partner stores).
It is important to know that Couponsvalidos is not an e-commerce, so it does not sell any item through its website. That is, we are not responsible for purchases made in any virtual store, so that, after visiting a website other than Valid Coupons, whether it is an advertiser or not, we are no longer responsible for any action that may occur.
Before closing a purchase, check whether or not it was possible to obtain the discount reported here in Valid Coupons. It may be that you find a discount percentage or some amount different from that found in the advertiser, this happens in the cases of pages that have not been recently updated. Ideally, therefore, you should always check the offer or coupon on the advertiser’s website to avoid potential limitations. We are not responsible for price changes or discounts without prior notice, as they are the sole responsibility of the advertisers.


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Recurring damages due to late delivery, product damage, problems with the purchase and others caused by the store are not the responsibility of Valid Coupons. We only disclose promotions and coupons from stores in Spain, Argentina and abroad, so these and other damages caused by problems with our advertisers are not our responsibility.
Problems and complaints to advertisers are not the responsibility of is only responsible for possible problems that arise within our website (with some exceptions, already mentioned above), from the moment you are redirected to an advertiser or any other location, possible problems must be solved with the same.


Other issues:

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It is important to know that can make changes to its website, from the pages of: Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Conditions of Use and our Blog, to the discount pages, being able to add or exclude advertisers at any time, in addition to modifying offers and coupons.

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